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17 Apr 2021


Tiro is a small application intended for quick quizzing in the classroom. Teachers supply their own question-answer pairs and Tiro generates multiple-choice quizzes for popular platforms, crossword puzzles, or teacher-led drills for the classroom. Tiro is a tool that has helped me include more deliberate practice in my lessons.

Tiro does not have a file format as all question-answer data is simply copied from a teacher’s spreadsheet to the application. Teachers thus manage their own data and can keep a small database of ‘things you should know’ for each learning group. The software does not, however, support representation of mathematical expressions or visual data.

Tiro creates spreadsheets for upload to relevant platforms, word processor documents or interactive, self-checking HTML pages. Latin teachers may find the possibility to create crudely self-checking prose composition exercises useful.

The focus here is on practice and automation of propositional knowledge. This of course is merely a starting point, the assumption being that students who are familiar with the vernacular and concepts of a given topic or discipline are capable of venturing into the more challenging and stimulating intricacies it presents.

The software is written in Python and distributed as a Windows installer and a MacOS app.1 Documentation for end users is available. The source code is open and GNU-licensed.

Now go practise!

Figure 1: Tiro running on MacOS.



The process of creating standalone Windows and MacOS distributions of Python applications is a little wonky and your download may not work on your machine. Prepare for slight disappointment.